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Essential Bodyboarding Equipment

by Steve Alexander [January 29, 2007]

There are countless bodyboarding accessories available, but what equipment is actually required to enjoy this water sport?
Bodyboarding fins are so important I don't consider them to be an accessory, but by the number of tourists and beginners I see struggling in the ocean it still bears mention.

A leash is probably the most important accessory, especially for the beginner. If you fall off of your bodyboard the leash will keep the wave from pushing the board away from you, saving much wasted time swimming to fetch your bodyboard.
Since you are on your stomach, belly rash can be a problem. Wetsuits of different thickness and body coverages are available and provide warmth first and protection second. The ideal bodyboarding equipment bag will have various wetsuits for different environmental conditions. For warm, tropical locations, all you need is a Lycra surf shirt to protect from rash.

Wax is also very important. Without it, you will slip and slide right off of your bodyboard, especially if it is brand new. Placed strategically on the deck of your board it will allow you to move around without falling off. Surfboard wax can be used, though there is also wax formulated specifically for bodyboards. Also make sure the wax you use is formulated for the water temperature you will be surfing in.

Though probably not considered essential bodyboarding equipment, I also recommend that you bring a towel to the beach. I don't think that requires any explaining. Now go catch some waves!

About the Author
Steve Alexander (http://www.fullforcebodyboarding.com) is a seasoned bodyboarder with 20 years experience riding waves in California, Mexico, and Hawaii. Connections with bodyboard manufacturers including Element Bodyboarding and JL Designs have also given him insight into production aspects and he has custom-designed many of his own bodyboards.



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