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Choosing your Snowboarding gear

by Toby Russell [January 29, 2007]

If you are considering learning to snowboard it is important to learn how to dress appropriately for snowboarding. This means learning which snowboarding clothes you should wear.

If you are new to snowboarding you may not know there is a right way and a wrong way to dress for snowboarding. By taking the time to learn about appropriate snowboarding clothes you can have a more pleasurable and comfortable day. Get the Base Layer right When it comes to snowboarding clothes you want to begin with a strong base layer. This means long underwear bottoms as well as a long sleeve top and socks. You should choose items that are moisture-wicking. These items should be made from a synthetic polyester or else a polypropylene material like Polartec, Coolmax or Capilene. Whenever possible always avoid wearing cotton because it will absorb water and retain it, keeping you colder during the day. Look for socks that you can pull on over the underwear bottoms; don't allow them to bunch up around your ankles.

Finally, don't forget to tuck in the long sleeve shirt to complete the moisture wicking base layer. Step two - the Second Layer The next step is to create an insulating second layer of snowboarding clothes. This should be comprised of at least one layer of either wool or synthetic fleece, such as an insulating sweater. Depending on the weather in the area in which you will be snowboarding you may also wish to add a vest or additional layers. The good thing about this layer is that if the weather does heat up you can remove those additional layers. Once again, always avoid cotton.

Finally the Outer layer Next, work on creating an outer layer that is both win and waterproof. For this layer you should consider snowboarding clothes such as pants and jacket. You may need additional waterproofing and extra venting depending on the climate. For pants, look for an inner cuff that can be fit over the top of your boots. This will keep the snow and cold out. Accessorise Correctly ........... Now, on to accessories. You should always wear a helmet or hat when you are snowboarding to keep heat from escaping from your head. It is also important to wear goggles to keep your eyes protected from both sun and wind. If the weather is very cold you may also need a neck gaiter, which is a tube of fleece that can be worn around the face and neck to keep the cold off those extremities. Of course, you will also need mittens or gloves that can be either tucked over or under your jacket cuff.

By taking the time to learn about appropriate snowboarding clothes you can be sure the next time you hit the hills you will be prepared for whatever weather may come your way, relax and have a good time.

About the Author

Toby Russell and his info website www.snowboardinglatest.com aims to help both novice and more experienced snowboarders get the very most from their sport.



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