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What extreme sports are made of

by Florie Lyn Masarate [July 19, 2006]

There was a time when there were just a few ski resorts. When skiing was just a seasonal hobby. As time goes on, more and more have been built and people have taken to skiing as a hobby. With the ever growing competitions, ski resorts took to developing and creating more complicated and dangerous slopes to add more excitement to the skiers. To keep up with the demands of the people, these resorts added more challenges to their mountains to attract the people who are constantly seeking adventures. The more dangerous, the better. As the resorts continue to produce more thrills, skiers tended to come back for more. These persons never got tired of trying the untried and comes back for more.

Extreme sports have evolved more in the years that passed. The dangerous becomes more dangerous. The difficult more difficult. All in the name of sport. People easily picked this up as they get tired of the usual things that they repeated do. The danger has become a new frontier to conquer.

It is in the nature of people to like dangers and the fun that goes with it. That is why, skiing become a source of this when they got to feel the action in this sport. Some even go to the extreme, making the simple act of skiing as extreme sport. Doing things others do not usually do. Trying everything from plain sliding to jumps in the air, trying to test their capacity and their limitations. These people may be aware of the dangers they are in but that is the thrill of it all. The danger is what drives them into doing these sports. This came to a point that laws have been made exclusively for these resorts and the people that goes to them.

The owners of these resorts are also aware of the hazards their resorts pose to other people but they continue on building ultimate challenges for skiers. Thinking more of what people want than the dangers that lay ahead of them.

The more dangerous, the more prone to dangers and injuries. People are getting more injuries in skiing more than ever. With the creation of extreme mountains that cater to the extreme sports, the dangers that these people face are far too greater than they think. They are aware of the injuries they might get but still they go for it.

What drives these people to do the impossible? It's trying to make the impossible possible, that is.

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